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Elsiwave, a leading provider of ELASTIC Inversion PREDICTION software and services for reservoir and hydrocarbon prediction, reservoir characterization, time-lapse seismic reservoir monitoring, optimizing horizontal well drilling and Geomechnics study for upstream oil and gas industry.

Short-term License + Consulting

Short-term license of three months + one project consulting
One project consulting service includes: lProvide a project proposal of 3D elastic inversion based on user's geology setting lHelp user to finish parameters trial of denoise and elastic inversion for one line (work in Beijing office), which is conducted m...

DEI TM , Anti-noise Direct Elastic Inversion

DirectEI (AVO three-term inversion)
which solves different elastic properties using different simplified Zeoppritz equations, adopts full CRP gather based direct elastic inversion technique with anti-noise algorithm (quadratic fitting technique based on robust least square method) to acquire...

Sgather TM , Amplitude-preserving Denoise

Amplitude-preserving Denoise
Predenoise module aims to remove or attenuate coherent noise, including linear noise and nonlinear multiple noise. Predenoise module adopted high-resolution Radon transform technique. ...

EINW Elastic Inversion without Well

EI without well
In big time window, from shallow layer to deep layer, the variation (drift effect) of elastic property is sharp. For target zone (about 300ms), the variation (drift effect) of elastic property is quite smooth, which can be considered as constant. Actually,...

Online Lecture, Demo, Training and Course

Online presentation: Carbonate Sweet-spot Prediction
(High Resolution Processing)
(Anisotropy Elastic Inversion)
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